Health & Safety

Howitt Construction is committed to preventing the accidental loss of its resources, including employees, sub-contractors, environment, and physical assets.

In fulfilling this commitment management provides, maintains, and promotes a comprehensive safety program, and holds all employees and contractors equally responsible for understanding and complying with all company policies, procedures, rules and applicable legislation.

Constant monitoring, evaluation of work procedures, policies, and investigations into employee suggestions/concerns, help us to recognize what improvements are needed to better the safety program.

As part of our commitment, we review and update our Health and Safety Program on a yearly basis or as required from our investigations, industry standards or legislative changes.

We have a full-time safety coordinator to ensure the program is administered to its full potential both at the office and job site levels. Howitt Construction holds a Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R), is registered in the PIR program and maintains compliance with ISNetworld and ComplyWorks.


Our work season tends to be seasonal (summer work) but depending on the job can be year round. Because of this we are always accepting resumes which can be sent one of two ways; fax or emailed as an attachment.

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