Through equipment availability and increased production from effective earthmoving processes, we provide quality construction.


We believe in continually finding more efficient, and cost-effective solutions through collaboration and research.


The fleet of heavy equipment is continually updated, and equipped to result in cost and time savings.


Our management team has extensive industry experience and has proven to be innovative.

Roads, Landfills, Lagoons

Water Hubs, Mines

Sub-divisions, Site development; Residential

Oil & Gas

From the Northern BC Boreal region, through Alberta, to the Saskatchewan Prairie region, Howitt has successfully completed cells in varying soil types.

Water containment is more than just a hole in the ground! The proper know-how and experience is essential to a successful Water Hub & Reservoir projects.

With a large range of equipment sizes, Howitt can provide pad and lease road construction services customized to our client’s requirements.

Howitt is proud to have completed developments all over Alberta where families and businesses grow and prosper.

Road construction is what Howitt was built on, and we have been re-constructing and improving roads all over Alberta and Saskatchewan since 1980.

Howitt Construction is experienced in oilfield projects. We understand the uniqueness of each project and provide a service tailored to the client.

The fleet of heavy equipment is continually updated, and many excavators, motor scrapers, dozers and graders are equipped with Trimble® GPS technology.



Sub-contractor management, environmental factors, and project management innovation help Howitt tailor services to fit our client’s needs.

Along with earthmoving services, Howitt provides additional management of various sub-contractors, HDPE liner supply & installation, water and sewer, paving, directional drilling, and barb wire/chain link fence installation.

We believe people are our greatest asset, they are truly who make the projects successful. Coupled with a solid safety program, we strive to create a strong culture valuing teamwork and safety.

We're committed to the protection of the environment and will strive to exceed all Federal, provincial and municipal envirnomental law and contractual requirements set out by the client.


Our work tends to be seasonal (summer work), but depending on the job can be year round. Because of this we are always accepting resumes which can be sent one of two ways; fax or emailed as an attachment.


We believe in creating a safe, respectful work environment for staff, contractors, and clients. We do this through the following:

Innovative Work Practices

We are constantly measuring and striving to improve upon our operational performance to increase efficiency, safety and ensure quality service. We encourage the generation and sharing of ideas without judgement.

Smart Work & Dedication

We empower our employees and utilize technology where possible to minimize overhead and pass those savings on to our clients. Our management and staff are dedicated to ensuring the success of each client project. Without client satisfaction, we cannot be successful.


Drawing from our heritage, we recognize that successful projects come from a strong team effort comprized of our clients, staff, vendors, and subcontractors. While we are thankful and cherish milestone achievements, we view challenges as opportunities for continuous improvement.


We invest in knowledgeable, motivated people through formalized technical education.


Howitt Construction is committed to preventing the accidental loss of its resources, including employees, sub-contractors, environment, and physical assets.

In fulfilling this commitment management provides, maintains, and promotes a comprehensive safety program, and holds all employees and contractors equally responsible for understanding and complying with all company policies, procedures, rules and applicable legislation.


Our mission is to consistently provide a great finished product that reflects our clients defined needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our construction solutions or request a proposal.